First Nations Public Library Week is organized by the First Nations Public Library Week Planning Committee, and  First Nations Library Service through Ontario Library Service – North. 

The main goal of the First Nations Library Service is to help First Nations, through special funding programs and consulting services, to establish and maintain public libraries. We provide training and on-site consulting for First Nation Public Libraries in our service area.


Advisors provide consultation services to assist First Nations establish and build library services. The advisors visit First Nation communities to provide advice on best practices, guidance and training. They also organize training events with the assistance of the First Nation Conference and Training Committee, such as the First Nation stream of OLS – North’s annual conference, the First Nation Spring Gathering, and other workshops and programs such as First Nations Public Library Week. 

For more information, please contact:

Deanna Nebenionquit, First Nation Capacity Building Advisor

1-800-461-6348 ext. 229

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